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Shopping Cart Website Example 1

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My Fortis is a high quality Shopping Cart Website with an administrative module and it’s suitable for every type of website store. It was designed with focus on user experience and usability, to make online shopping quick, easy and fun. Custom cart preview modal window included. The utter power and flexibility can only be appreciated by taking a test drive so check out the live demo version now.

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Shopping Cart Website Example 2

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This Shopping Cart is Elegant, Simplistic & Easy to customize with the most modern designs in the e-commerce market. If you are in need of an excellent and clean appearance for your eCommerce platform, this shopping cart website won’t let you down! It has been developed with bunch of advance features to help you stand from the crowd. Detects iPad visitors and serves up an iPad-friendly version of the site.

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Shopping Cart Website Example 3

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This Store is advanced and fully customizable and is suitable for any e-commerce websites of any purpose. The site is characterized by universality, attractiveness and easy customization. This website is not only visually appealing, but also uses the newest trends in coding with the use of xhtml/css, php and jquery. Free Lightbox gallery integration is included to display large images of your items.

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Shopping Cart Website Example 4

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Web Science Shopping Cart Example

Stylish simplicity and navigational clarity work together in this ecommerce site to provide exactly what is required: a crisp and clean user interface. White, open space makes way for the homepage’s two uniquely-designed custom galleries, both of which will instantly intrigue the viewer. It’s what everyone wants so we listened to the people and made it a reality! Unique custom gallery on homepage.

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Shopping Cart Website Example 5

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Shopping Cart Website Example

This is a simple clean effective theme. It’s modern and stylish professional presentation enhances the browsers trust levels and is visually stimulating. The sites elegant and sharp lines project your business in a refreshing sophisticated manner that will ultimately lead to more sales. The sites browsing experience is smooth throughout and all navigational options and functions are crystal clear.

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Shopping Cart Website Example 6

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Framed ecommerce website example

Silky smooth, elegant, sophisticated and modern are the only words that do this fashion ecommerce store justice. Although the site borders on visual perfection its appearance is only surpassed by its high level functionality and ease of use. Whenever I deliver this site to clients they are always extremely impressed…and why wouldn’t they be. A gorgeous eCommerce website.

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